Meet The Artist

    As a young man born and raised in Philly, PA, Atum Hutip Emre was always interested in the culture and lifestyle of Ancient Egypt as well as having a back ground in fashion his vision was always to combine the two worlds into one.  He has dedicated his time to study and experience many different cultures worldwide only to find Ancient Egypt as the base of every society as well as being in tune with the very nature of the universe. He has learned a great deal about every race, culture, lifestyle, etc. being able to differentiate different facial feature based on a person’s genetic background. As he grew in age he noticed how the fashion industry lacked culture as a whole, yet every now and then you might see vague representations of the past.  Reflecting on his travels as well as a passion for Ancient Egypt he wanted the world to see what the ancient pharaoh’s saw back in their day and that’s when he got the idea to launch Pharaoh Visionz. He wanted to be able to bring to the world a sense of ancient culture, royal style, regal fashion, Egypt, and Nubia all seen from their eyes literally. As an artist, he was able to capture ancient symbolism, hieroglyphics, and artifacts embodied into eyewear upgrading your average sunglasses to see the vision of a pharaoh.

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